Dog Portraits
        By Carl
Custom Watercolor Portraits
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Carl W. Cole
2221 Maxcy Street
Charleston, SC
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Sorry but I'm not currently accepting commissions for new portraits.
My day job just didn't leave enough time and energy for me to complete anything in a reasonable period.
I'm retired now but still have many, many things to catch up on before I could consider making new promises.
If you're a friend or past customer and are feeling very patient about another painting,  contact me
and maybe we can work out something non-commercial and appropriately laid back.
To those I've done portraits for in the past, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to have shared your pet.  Carl
How to order your pet's portrait
 Here are the steps in the process:
 1.  Contact me  with any questions you have.
 2.  Fill out the order form at  Order Form.
 3.  Pay the deposit  ( see Price List ).
      If you're in the Charleston area,  you can pay cash,  if you'd like.
      Otherwise,  I'll send you a PayPal invoice.
 4.  Send me photos of your pet.
      This is a very important step.
      At least one clear,  detailed closeup photo is essential.  More would be better.
      Please point out which features, colors, poses, etc. you like best and why.
      That may be my best insight into you and your pet.
      Also, please identify which photos show your pet's color the best.
      Digital photos are probably the easiest and cheapest to share but we can work with what you have.
      If you give me physical photo prints,  I can scan copies for my use and return your originals.
      If you're in the Charleston area and don't have suitable photos,  you can hire me to take digital photos.
      We'll select a place and time that works for both of us.
 5.  I'll acknowledge receipt of your order, your deposit, and your photos and I'll try to let you know when to expect your portrait.
 Please see the  Satisfaction Guarantee  for more information.
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