Dog Portraits
        By Carl
Custom Watercolor Portraits
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Carl W. Cole
2221 Maxcy Street
Charleston, SC
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Simply put, if you're not happy with your pet's portrait,
you don't have to take delivery
and I'll return your deposit !
 Here's how it works  ( This is "the fine print"  -  be sure to read item 7 ):
 1.  You pay a deposit when you commission the project.
 2.  I'll refund the deposit if I decide I can't do the project.
      For example,  maybe we just can't come up with suitable photos to work from.
 3.  When your pet's portrait is complete,  you'll have an opportunity to review the result.
      If you're in the Charleston area,  you can choose to look at the actual portrait.
      Otherwise,  I'll send you a proof  -  not the actual portrait  -  by mail,  by email,  or by posting it on the Internet.
 4.  If you like the result,  you pay the balance and take delivery.
 5.  I'll refund the deposit if you're not satisfied with the portrait and don't want to take delivery.
 6.  Photo sessions  -  if you choose to have me take photos  -  are also guaranteed.
      A photo session is accepted and no longer refundable if you accept delivery of either of a photo CD or a portrait done from the photos.
 7.  Shipping and handling,  postage,  and mileage charges are not refundable and will be deducted from the deposit.
 Please see  How to Order  for more information.
Copyright 2005 Carl W. Cole